let me go out on the river
let my body float
over the rocks and fishes where no one goes
let my hair out like sunshine
when you touch my face like I'm a woman
know that I am finally home
off in another world
where flesh and bone don't carry on
and don't you leave yourself to save me
if you can't save yourself and leave
if you can't allow yourself to be there
when you turn away from me
let me go out on the river
don't tell me that it's wet
I've been silent for many years
but there's not much that I don't get, get

you're mystified by all your feelings
so you call them different names
and you make them into people
small stories in a bigger game
and in this game there ain't no winner
there ain't no time but time's all you got
there ain't no end just some progression
where perfection's always the cost
and you know what to say but you don't believe it
know what to do but you don't know how
no you don't know and the feeling don't move you
but you won't move 'til you figure it out
you stuck your hand out to the devil
and you begged him to ease your pain
so he said he'd keep you alright
as long as you keep coming back again, again

there ain't no mercy in your loving
there's no forgiveness in your moving on
there ain't no grace in all your patience
your courage is just fear of not being strong
thought you got wise when you just sunk deeper
into a maze that you thought you solved
thought you looked down on me from your balcony
it was your reflection in the silver pond
so when the words don't count for nothing
and the years have changed this song
just let me go down to the river
the way I let you carry on

cause I have taken all your troubles
and I cleaned them in the waves
and I keep you in my heart
like a diamond in a cave
like a diamond


from Narcissism Unto Loneliness EP, track released March 10, 2014
This song was recorded live on September 10, 2013 at Studio Fast Forward

Written and arranged by Johnny Griffin

Band -
Johnny Griffin // vocals, acoustic guitar, piano
Anthony Lombardi // drums
Michael Felber // bass
Simon Angell // lead guitar
Justin Wright // cello
Kate Maloney // violin
Genevieve Toupin // vocals

Engineered and Mixed by Rob Heaney (at Studio Fast Forward)
Mastered by Harris Newman (at Grey Market Mastering)

Produced by Johnny Griffin
Co-Produced by Jon Matte
Executive Producers: Jon Cook, Kevin Dolgin, Johnny Griffin, Joseph Griffin



all rights reserved


John Jacob Magistery Montreal, Québec

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