(Nothing) Stole My Heart

from by John Jacob Magistery



Playing with some geometric signs to build my home
I was walking and I roamed into a park
and the breeze blew today so I packed my thin jacket
and I passed by a statue of a man
and buses came and went filled with people
cars they honked their horns
and I saw somebody and I shook his hand
he was going to a movie later on
but nothing
nothing (repeated)

Nothing stole my heart
Nothing stole my heart
but it was okay
it was okay

then I thought about a coffee that I didn't want to drink
and the girl on the bench lit a smoke
then the car across the street drove off with all the money
and the silence told another joke
and then I washed my hands in the imaginary fountain
where the cops and the junkies wash their clothes
and I walked upon the river made of stars and metal poles
and I thought about a girl I used to know

Nothing stole my heart
Nothing sole my heart
but it was okay

It was oh
it was okay
it was oh
it was okay
it was okay


from Narcissism Unto Loneliness EP, track released March 10, 2014
This song was recorded live on September 10, 2013 at Studio Fast Forward

Band -
Johnny Griffin // vocals, acoustic guitar
Anthony Lombardi // drums
Michael Felber // bass
Simon Angell // lead guitar
Justin Wright // cello
Kate Maloney // violin
Genevieve Toupin // vocals
Jon Matte // keys

Music and lyrics written and arranged by Johnny Griffin

Engineered and Mixed by Rob Heaney (at Studio Fast Forward)
Mastered by Harris Newman (at Grey Market Mastering)

Produced by Johnny Griffin
Co-Produced by Jon Matte
Executive Producers: Jon Cook, Kevin Dolgin, Johnny Griffin, Joseph Griffin



all rights reserved


John Jacob Magistery Montreal, Québec

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